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As this is a complex report, we have broken the report down to several smaller sections.

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Demo Male 01 Jan 1910, 1.00 a.m. to 2.59 a.m. Premium Report


As all the reports are generated online, please allow the system some time to generate your reports. Depending on the complexity and load of the system, the report may take approximately between 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Full reports with complex calculations can be as long as 20 pages with partial graphics.

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Version 12.x report

The overall summary, which gives you a concise summary of the detailed reports. All important areas will be summarised into this report.

Note: This report takes a while to generate as it (approximately 1-2 minute, but it is worth the wait).

Overview Summary

The version 12.x full report based on detailed analysis to the 6 main pillars (hour, day, month, year, house of conception & house of life) with 120 years of luck analysis. Full detailed analysis of combination, clashes, harm, punishment & self punishment.

Part I - Focus on your true element & five element chart summary.

Part II - Focus on the detailed analysis of your 6 main pillars. Including the combination, clashes, harm, punishment, self punishment, summary analysis, family relation, etc.

Part III - Focus on the 12 year luck (120 years) analysis. Including the combination, clashes, harm, punishment, self punishment, summary analysis, etc.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Allows you to check your luck for any 10-year, year or month. To see how your luck stands.

Luck Forecast - Check out your luck for any 10-year, year or month etc.

Forecast Disabled for Demo

This is a new version of the Ba Zi report which breaks down each section and make the report easier to read and understand.


Version 12.x - Question & Answer Reports
Aims to provided detailed and comprehensive answers to questions without the complex details of a Full Pillars of Destiny Report. Clear and detailed explanation provided to answer your question.

Qn: What is my Personal Feng Shui Element?


Qn: What Career suits me?


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